Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 6, 2012

[note: switching to dates since weeks in the field is misleading. Adam has been out well over a year.]

Well, it was an alright week. We talked with lots of people, but we didn´t have quite as much success as our last week. Elder Dial seemed kind of disappointed. I´m used to knowing my area really well, but being here where I know so little in comparison to my last, I´ve been looking to Elder Dial a lot. I have more time and experience out here, and I think I need to start stepping up more and being more of the senior companion than the older companion.

I`m feeling pretty bummed that your summer is coming to an end too, because it means my winter is almost gone. I´m pretty sure I can survive one more summer, but I REALLY don´t want to. I just wish it could not be so hot. If I was here as a normal person who didn´t have to wear missionary clothes and I could sit in the shade, I wouldn´t have too much of a problem. It´s pretty much the most miserable thing ever to wake up to a house that is already 80 degrees F and know that you have to put clothes on, go out into the sun, and work hard. Thank goodness the work is satisfying.

Thanks for the recipes too.

Anyway, we have a few pretty exciting investigators we´re teaching. The big problem is they still won´t go to church. Either way, we´ve been able to get in a lot more lessons these last few days, and we´ve seen several people being blessed as they live the things we teach. One lady in particular has noticed a big difference in how happy she is, and also miraculously got a job after trying for a long time.

There´s this other guy we´ve been trying to teach for a while, but he never seems to be home. Last night we happened to walk past the front of his house, and he was sitting out front drinking about 3 beers at once. At least 3 people in the world tell the truth: Kids, crazy people, and drunks. He opened up and told us that he´s suffering from depression and wants to kill himself. He seems particularly upset that his mother died and he feels pretty lonely without his own family about 45. He started crying all over and started making a scene in front of his house, so he asked us to come in. He was drunk, so it was kind of difficult to help with anything more than listen, promise to help him, and assure him he can find happiness. After the conversation he seemed a lot happier.

Anyway, those are the highlights of this week. At least that I can put into this email. We talked with a few other people, and they talked about some of the strangest stuff that I do not feel like I am now a better person for hearing.

-Elder Candland

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