Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27

Well this week was pretty good for us I think. We had two baptisms here. The first was a 15-year-old boy named Bruno, and Adrianna was also baptized that same night. Here are a few pictures of each of them as well as everyone who showed up. It was probably one of the best baptisms I´ve ever seen. Tons of members, and there was this excitement in the air. It was the first time anyone has been baptized in over a year, so the ward was super excited.

Elder Castillo is pretty cool. He´s very patient and logical. We haven´t had any problems yet. Every companion is going to do stuff that is obnoxious, but he´s probably the best companion I´ve had since Elder Davis. We´ve been working pretty hard this last week. We found some really intersting new people. We´re helping out this lady is is addicted to cocaine and is trying to stop so she can be a better mom for her two sons. There´s this other lady who we´ve been teaching who seems pretty excited to learn more about the church. She ran into us at the grocery store and said she´s already reading and enjoying the Book of Mormon. And just before the baptism, we got a call from some other Elders in the other zone passing us a reference that has been going to church with his brother-in-law over there, and we got to teach him the next day. He´s looking for some relief in some difficulties he´s facing these days. He and his dad are really cool people, and I´ve got a really good feeling we´ll be seeing some more people baptized soon.

As for the Book of Mormon musical, I´d actually heard about it back when I was working at Nintendo, and while I was in the MTC, our Branch President mentioned it to us. He told us how popular it is. Good for those guys I suppose. They´re not really ´´anti´´ as far as I can tell, but they two guys that direct it both served missions. I´m not sure how someone gets that far off after serving a mission. Either way, if you´re going to make a play, movie, or anything on the church, at least make it good regardless of what it´s saying, because the church leaders seem pleased with the publicity it´s at least giving the church.

I had a few more ideas during this week on what would be nice in the next package. The only thing I can remember is the Kiwi instant shoe shine thing that I got at CTR. It´s really handy out here, and I haven´t seen anything that compares yet.

Well, that´s the week. I´ve got just a few other pictures too that I´ll send.

I´m so thirsty I could drink a motorcycle.

This guy is running for Vereador out here. I´m hoping he wins.
-Elder Candland

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