Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week 49

Fist thing, I got the packages. Elder Dial was pretty excited about the candy and music too. I was pretty pleased with the Nashville Tribute to the missionaries; it´s a lot better than the tribute to the pioneers. I was also hoping for a couple recipes in the package, but you can just email them to me next week. I want brownies, lasagna, and the Kosorok cookies. I have lots of friends here that all ask if I know how to make them. I know how to... just with a recipe.

This week was really good, and also really lame. It´s the middle of winter and our house is about 80 during the day. I also got a really bad cold on Wednesday and working was awful that day. The good though is that the entire mission has difficulties making street contacts and talking with everyone we encounter. We finally toughened up and started talking with everyone and had a lot of good things happen. We found a bunch of new people that we´re pretty excited about and the work is moving quicker now. Making contacts is actually a pretty big deal. I´ve known for a long time that it´s the biggest thing that was holding us back, but couldn´t ever get myself to approach people on the street. I can talk to anyone, but to start things off is always difficult.

Nobody talks about anything that isn´t soccer (Futebol). The Olympics don´t really matter to anyone here. I´d like to watch a little.

Elder Dial decided he wanted to pick up the harmonica a few weeks ago when I pulled it out one day, and he´s been practicing this week. The only problem is he´s kind of tone deaf. Not really bad, but enough that if the notes are in the same scale, it sounds like the right note to him, or, when he´s whistling and singing, if he has to go up or down more than 5 steps, he changes keys. It kind of hurts when he´s playing my harmonica at 10:15 at night before bed. I´m tired, and he isn´t very good yet. I have hope though, I hope.

Well, that´s it I suppose. This area is nice. No one has fallen through with lunch since I´ve been here, so I never have the opportunity to cook anymore. I liked cooking. Anyway, I´m gonna send a couple pictures now, but it´s nothing special.

Oh ya, last thought. Almost every boy in Brasil flies kites for fun during the day. I don´t know why they do here, because there are so many telephone wires in the city. Anyway, they will all fly kits up really high, and then they´ll battle with the kites, trying to cut the other kids kite, and then run and take it when it falls. Kites here are like $1, so it´s no big deal to play for keeps. Anyway, we took some kite we found on the street and I found a ton of old line on the ground. Today, we spent about 2 hours untangling the line and fixing up the kite. Then we started flying the kite from our back porch, and after about 10 minutes, the line broke and we lost our kite in a tree way down the road. We figure we´ll just pay a boy to buy us a kite this week,.
When I think of Brasil, this is always one of the first images that comes to mind. Finally, I captured a real photo.

Here´s our zone with Elder Costa when he visited this last week.

-Elder Candland

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