Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20

Well, this week Elder Dial got transferred. Guess what. I´m training again. His name is Elder Castillo. He´s Chileno. Like the people from Chile. His Português is already really good, so it´s nothing like Elder Arichichu. I can understand him when he talks, he also doesn´t do anything really wierd. He seems fairly normal actually. One of the members wanted to add him on Facebook, and they opened up a few of his pictures. Looks like he was pretty normal from what I can tell.

When I went to the mission office for transfers, I got a package. It´s the one you guys sent in February. That took a little while. I´m not sure why. 

So this transfer has started off well. We´ve marked several dates, and we should be having a couple baptisms soon. One lady in particular is pretty funny. She was reading the Book of Mormon (well, actually O Livro de Mormon) and when she prayed to know if it is true, she asked for an answer that would hurt so she would know it was true. Thank goodness it didn´t actually hurt. She recounted the answer she received to us, and she knows the Book of Mormon is true. 

I gave a talk in church on Sunday about sacrifice. Everyone has to sacrifice something during their lifetime, but I figure I was a pretty good fit for the subject. My talk went really well I think. If I have time next P-Day, I´ll write up a copy of it for you guys and mail it in a letter.

Did you guys watch President Monson´s birthday broadcast? I thought it was pretty fun. We had a few investigators there, so it was pretty cool for them I think. I enjoyed watching the choir sing Seventy-Six Trombones since I´m so used to watching them sing during General Conference where they sing very reverent music. It was a pretty fun to watch such excitement in the Conference Center.

I thought it pretty funny that of all people to discover that our water heater was broken, it was Jordan. Of course. 

Alright. That´s it for this week. It wasn´t super eventful with the transfer and all. Until next week.

Zone picture. We´re actually missing another two Elders.

I wanted to be different.

Ruben and Alessandra´s family. They´re the less actives we´ve been reactivating. Their kids aren´t members. Yet.

There´s this juice called Caldo de Cana here that´s really popular. They basically just crush the juice out of big sticks of sugar cane.

This was also a rather good flavor of soda I´ve never had before.

Somehow we made it out alive. I guess Goodbye Kitty was feeling merciful that night.

-Elder Candland

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