Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17

Yes, Elder White & Elder Palmer (my previous companion) got transferred. Now we have Elder Marley (fresh out of the MTC) and my new companion Elder Davis.
Elder Davis is 5'7 & Elder Marley is 6'5. It's pretty comical :)

We've had snow on the ground ever since the end of 2013. It hasn't left since. They say this is the worst winter they've had in Michigan.

Speaking of which, I forgot to mention; when Elder Palmer was still here there was a day it was snowing, and we were driving on the freeway. The plows hadn't come through yet so most of the freeway was covered. While driving around a corner on a ramp, we saw a car that slipped & was facing the railing. So we slowed down, and were able to move around it. I guess some people in Saginaw don't know anything about driving in snow.

After I picked Elder Davis from transfers we were able to meet a few people, (Investigators & less actives) And I was able to navigate without a jps. I just had a map.

Since Elder Marley is, what we call, a greenie, some members fed us a "greenie dinner" of hawaiian haystacks.  Although it tasted just fine, it was gross. We have pictures of how green it was. They used so much green dye.

We found some 25 year-old guy who was pretty awesome. Unfortunately his mom is opposed to the idea of him becoming a Mormon so he told us we couldn't meet anymore.

However we did get a new investigator this week. We've met with him a couple times, and he gave us a call to tell us he was sick & couldn't meet with us. Most people don't bother giving us a call, so I'm sure he'll make some great progress. He's even reading the book of Mormon!

There was another person who gave us a call. We met her out in front of her house. I think she's a college student. She told us she wasn't interested, and had almost attempted suicide. We bore our testimony that sometimes things happen that don't appear to benefit us, but that sometimes we are brought down so that we can be made strong. She still wasn't very interested so we left her with our number. And not much later she called to make sure it wasn't a hotline or anything. Elder Davis & I pray for her.

The ward had an activity this Saturday to help an older lady more out of her house, and we were invited to come. It always feels good to help others. What's also nice is that she's moved into our apartment complex, so we get to see her more often.

And this Sunday we had an eagle court of honor for 2 young men. There was a lot of non-members that showed up. It went well, I'm glad we went.

Things are going great here, I hope everyone else is doing well. I'll talk to you later!

Elder Candland

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