Sunday, February 9, 2014

January 20

So we had a couple of awesome finding miracles.

Finding miracle #1: on trade offs, the Elders knocked into this lady, & they introduced themselves and she said "Come on in." As it turns out she's a less active member who a few weeks ago prayed that if missionaries came to her door she would start coming back to church. We were able to help her daughter move in with her, who's also a member, and we've had dinner at their house now a couple of times. They definitely show that they're willing to make some changes in their lives and they love the missionaries.
Finding miracle #2: This was also on trade offs, Elder White & I were contacting a potential investigator, who lives in a duplex. We knocked on his door and there was no answer. Not realizing it was a duplex I knocked on the other door and someone actually answered it. She was a young mother who lives in not the best of conditions. And she told us on the door that she wants to make some changes in her life and wants to understand her purpose some more. We were able to step inside and talk to her some more about what we teach and set a time we could come back and teach her. As we drove up to the house I had some impressions, and I felt that God had directed us to her.

This week was also Elder Whites Birthday so I made him a garbanzo bean cookie pie. He loved it, as well as the members we visited that evening.

We went finding in a nice neighborhood. It was kinda like a private neighborhood. Elder Palmer & I knocked on some big houses. One of the houses had the Jetson's doorbell! Elder Palmer got so excited.

We also had Zone meeting this week. I got to see Elder Older & Elder Louis, my Ithica companions. We were happy to see each other.

A couple in the ward gave us groceries after we had dinner at there place. Right afterward we met a member at Kroger who bought us groceries for breakfast. Us & the Saginaw2 Elder got TONS of groceries. We are so grateful for the members of this ward & all they do to help us. Now we don't have to go grocery shopping today!

 We met another crazy guy while we're out knocking on a narrow road. He was a drunkard. He had a bad case of the jabber-jaws. He asked us both "How old are you? How old are you? Me, I'm 53 years old." 3 minutes later he asked us the same question! We saw a car coming so Elder Palmer & I stepped out of the way. The guy said "Watch this, not gonna move. Not even scared." The person driving gave him the finger and barreled past him. After awhile we told him we needed to get going. Another car stopped in front of him, he gestured the lady to keep going. As we left he told us he was going to die tomorrow. Last time we saw him was the next day, he was walking through a playground :)
2 other little things I thought I would mention. A trash can rolled out on the road while we were driving, so I drove around it. I looked in my rear-view mirror & noticed the car behind us had to stop. Elder Palmer and I thought that was funny.
And as we walked up to a door we heard this audio player saying "You are trespassing." over & over. So we walked off the poor man's porch before he told us to get off himself.
Hermana Shaini Candland It's good to hear you're getting along with your district. The Elders in our district were goofballs too :) I like that you gave your toppings to your companion, that's a great way to show her you care about her. Elder Badnar I always thought gave great talks on missionary work, I'm jealous that you got to hear him speak to all the current missionaries at the MTC, I think that's pretty cool :)
An abandoned factory in the hood...

Our sweet ride...

I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy the slightly longer days.

Elder Candland




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