Sunday, February 9, 2014

January 27

Monday we drove Frankenmuth again for elder Rhodes so he could see the worlds largest Christmas store. We had fun. We got to go through a hall of mirrors. It was a lot of fun. We took videos, and got lost several times. We also had fun looking around at all the shops.

We gave a blessing to a less active convert who had thoughts of suicide and almost killed herself. Immediately when we started the blessing she wept. A few days later we met with her and she has told us that the blessing has helped. She's been feeling better and she got a job the day after the blessing. Hopefully we can get her to church. She says she has some anxiety with that.

 We had interviews with President Hess this week. He put a lot of emphasis on using a study journal. He said "I don't know about you, but I don't remember much when all I do is just read." Study journals help a lot when it comes to that. They also help develop good study habits.

We had lunch at a members home who is disabled. He used to be the foot massage therapist for the Red Wings, but he had a stroke so now he's limited with his movement and speech, he also has no control of his left arm. He made us a pretty good meal, he also loves giving missionaries free foot messages, so I got one.

While we were knocking Wednesday  we met a lady at the door who was actually listening to us. It was cold outside so I asked if we could come in so we didn't let all the hot air out. So she let us in and asked us what we believed, so we taught her the restoration in 15 minutes as best we could. She told us she wasn't happy with her last church, so she's looking into her fathers church (who's Muslim). She told us she wants a church that's good to raise her children in. In our minds we thought, "Perfect! come to our church!" Hopefully we get to meet her sometime soon.

Thursday we didn't have much luck finding, and the wind was some of the coldest I've felt. We did have some excitement though. One person we talked to at the door told us we're a cult when he found out who we were. We tried telling him that we aren't, but he wouldn't take our word for it and became even more impatient and again told us to get off his porch.

While we were walking down the sidewalk, we noticed someone got their front tires stuck in the snow, and their back tires were spinning out on the street. We were able to help shove his car out, tough it took a lot of effort. I pressed my legs against a tree while my hands were pressed against the car. The guy thanked us and barreled down the road. The back end of the car swerved back and forth across the ice. Elder Palmer & I chuckled.

We continued walking, and we saw another person driving who needed help pushing their car. This time the person ran out of gas, and couldn't make it up a short incline to pull up into the gas station. There were a couple people already trying to get it up, but it just wasn't making it. We were able to help move the car and we got it up the gas pump.

I've had some tamale's out here, but I wasn't too impressed. I'm excited to try Dad's tamale's, I'm sure they'd be much better!

Thrift shops are awesome. I'm planning to do some shopping there when I'm a poor college student &/or parent. 

 It's great to hear from you I hope you all have a great week!

1. Frozen River

2. Hall of Mirrors

3. Frankenmuth

4. Poorly Parked


Elder Candland


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