Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 3

So Elder Palmer has been here in Saginaw for 6 transfers now, so we're expecting him to leave in a week. And also we're having 13 new missionaries come in from the MTC, so maybe I'll start training?

This Tues it was super cold. We got a call that we should stay indoors. Elder Palmer & I spent time working out & playing board games. I bought ingredients last pday to make deviled eggs since we still had plenty of eggs from when we got all those groceries, so I made deviled eggs that day too.

There's an investigator who has been investigating the church for about a year, her kids are even baptized. The only problem is she had an ex who committed a felony & she put it on her records, so she needed first presidency approval, & it came through this past week & she passed her interview! she's getting baptized on the 8th!

Elder Palmer & I got the other Ford Fusion on Wed, so we're able to dive places that are too far for us to walk. This week we went to the ghetto part of Saginaw, The Woods. (The street names all end with wood, like parkwood, & robinwood) The people there are humble. They're more than happy to talk about Christ. So we found a list of people who said we could come back & talk with them. I'm not sure how committed most of them will be, but I'm sure we'll at least find a few that are after talking with them.

This Fri we had even more snow. We got a call from one of the less active members who said she could use some help shoveling out her driveway. So with our help it went from a 2 hr task, to 30 mins. After that Elder Palmer got an Idea to go shovel other peoples driveways. So we ended up shoveling a couple other members driveways, one of them was an older lady who the members said would be a good person to help.

After that we had dinner at another less active who fed us; biscuits & gravy, banana pancakes, baked eggs, bacon, potatoes, & hot chocolate. We were so full. She also called no leftovers, which was a joke, although we did make a lot of progress. We bought home leftovers after we visited with them.

Elder Palmer & I came to the conclusion that we miss having our parents make us home made food, cuz fast food gets old really fast. Another reason why it's awesome having members who make meals for us just about every night.

Congratulations Shaini! You're finished with the MTC, now you get to do some real work. It is a little hard the fist couple weeks settling into the area, but by the time you get to know the ward you'll feel more comfortable.

Too bad Rylee had a hard time with soccer. Reminds me of when I had bad days of competing, especially with hurdles. I had some meets where I just was out of it.

I hope you all have a great week

1.Emailing -  I also got a hair cut this week

2. Deviled eggs: half of these eggs came from the other Elders

3. 35 lb Turkey: a member has a pet turkey he keeps in his house. The turkey is a year old, & it's massive!

4. water treatment facility

5. ghetto

Elder Candland

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