Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 24

The snow's finally starting to go away! Elder Davis and I went for a 20 min jog, 3 times in the past week. There's still ice out here and there. And sometimes my foot falls into a puddle. It feels good to finally start jogging again, even though my body isn't used to it & gets soar pretty easily.

Monday I bought ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, I made them the night we got back to our apartment. I forgot one of the grocery  bags in the other Elders car, so I tried making them without brown sugar. I used a little honey to see if that would work. It did, they turned out just fine.

A lady just moved into the ward, and we painted the inside of her house.It needed it pretty bad. There were all sorts of drawing all over the walls, and pink painted walls in one room.

Elder Davis & I accidentally knocked on a street that when down into the other Elders area. It wasn't too bad, at least now they have someone to teach that's already heard the Restoration.

Thursday we had zone training. We heard from President Hess & his assistants. It's always good to hear from him, I always learn so much. Sister Hess talked about how sarcasm is a form of corrupt communication, and can offend others. The whole meeting was great.

We got the car after the meeting. And on the way home we realized we didn't have a gps or a map. My memory wasn't as good as I thought. We had to stop a gas-station & ask for directions to Saginaw. We actually weren't too far off.

We just had another baptism, this was for a guy who left the church & is back now. It went well, one of the members is a lawyer & he gave the talk on baptism, I liked it.

Sunday we had dinner with some members. The dad is a hockey player, and weighs 260 lb. He's ripped! He served his mission in Argentina, they're a cool family.

We picked up some new investigators. They're going through a lot. The people we taught at the house were a couple in their 50's and their 25 year old daughter. They loved the message of the restoration. We're excited to teach them again.

My favorite part of my mission is when our hard work pays off, & we get to talk to awesome people that are willing to talk to us.

The hardest past is trying to remember everyone in the area. All the members, the inactive members, all the potential investigators, and so on. Remembering to meet with all of them is difficult.

It's been good the part week. I hope the week treated you all well too.

Elder Candland

My clothes keep me warm unless it's below -5°. The only thing I need is warm gloves, my fingers get cold easily.

I want a shorter coat. The one I have is nice, especially during the winter, I just don't like how long it is.

P.P.S. I talked to the #1 MMA fighter in Michigan. He's hilarious! & also super toned.

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