Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 3

We found some new people to teach across the Saginaw river over on the east side. (the hood)

One lady we've taught since we first knocked on her door. She clearly understands everything we talk about, and she's almost always home, so it's really easy to teach her. We gave her a church tour and she said it felt homey. She's still not sure if she's ready for baptism, but we're sure she'll get there.

We also met some 22 yr old guy who invited us in. We didn't have a lot of time to talk to him, but he's interested in learning more about the book of Mormon, and he wants to play Church Basketball. He did say he wants to go to a church that's not boring. Hopefully we can help him look past that, and think more about it's importance.

We met some lady in an apartment, before we knocked on her door we heard her singing kinda hysterically, I guess that's how she prays. She dominated most of our conversation, & our conversation went on for a little over 2 hours. She repeated herself a lot, she just phrased  things a little different. She talked about her faith and beliefs mostly. She told us she's always open to hear about anything that has to do with Christ, so we'll see if we can teach her next time we visit.

One awesome miracle we had.  I don't know if you remember the girl I talked about 2 weeks ago who gave us a call. Anyway, after Elder Davis & I had did some serious praying that she'd call us back. she gave us a call Saturday. She thanked us for the uplifting things we said, and because of it she felt not so depressed that night. She wants us to come over, and is going to call us back when she has a good time set up

 We helped the MMA fighter move out of his house. He's actually the #1 Am-mature Professional MMA fighter in Michigan. We plan to visit him this week. He's a former investigator, who was very close to baptism. I hope we can stick with them & get them baptized soon enough.

 I don't know if you've herd Ebonics, but a lot of people speak it here. people say "Grr" instead of "Girl," "Ax" instead of "Ask," "Finna," instead of "going to." Like someone would say "I finna go to the grocery store." It's supposed to be short for "Fixn' to go &..." We also hear a lot of people say "I'm strait." Which means "I'm down."

Also people in Michigan like to make most of the things they say plural. Someone's told us, "You's guy's has a good day." Most of the time it's with stores, people say "Wallmart's" or "Meijer's." We joke about it all the time.

One of our less active converts is leaving to Mississippi today (so he says) so we visited him last night. One of the people that lives with him was pretty high that night. He kept reminding us he loves me. He would ask us "Who was the first person to live on the earth." I'd answer "Adam & Eve." "That's right." Later he says Jesus was the first person to live on the earth, then he asks me "Who was the first person." "Adam & Eve." again I said. He responded "Yeah." Elder Davis & I kept smiling at each other.

We ended our visit with a prayer, and everyone home gathered & help hands with us. One of the older lady's there would talk through the prayer, she would say "mm-hmm.. that's right.. thank you.. thank you Jesus." Then when we were done she gave me a hug & kissed me on the cheek :( My coat didn't smell to good when we left that house, or my hands after shaking everyone's hand.

That's my week.
I hope everyone's doing well. I look forward to hearing from you each week.

Elder Candland

2. Building artist
3. Saginawesome

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