Monday, April 21, 2014

April 14

This week we had interviews this week with President Hess.. Our last Interviews with him! He leaves home in July :( I'm going to miss him. It was great to have some one on one time with him. He gave me a lot of good pointers. Praying for Love & Charity is one thing he encouraged me to do.

We also had trade offs this week. I went with Elder Rhodes to his area. We pick up a potential investigator by playing ball with them! (I filmed it.) It was Elder Rhodes dream to do that. He was pretty excited to do that :)

There was that one lady I told you about who does nails in her home. We finally taught her this week. The lesson went well. When we started I asked her who God was to her. She said God is Eratang. I was like, "Huh?" She repeated herself, "To me, God is Erra-Taang!" I realized she was really saying Everything. The other Elder's & I really love the way people talk here.

We had a great experience with one of our investigators this week. We invited him to have dinner over at one of the members. He's a pretty quiet guy, but the member sister was good at getting people to talk. I saw him open up a little, we saw him smile for the first time! He also talked about his experience in the military. He spent a year in Iraq. He said he saw some crazy things happen. It's another world out there. On the way back to his house the member asked if he would like a tour of the church. So we gave him a tour of the church that night too! He's a great investigator, hopefully we keep seeing progress with him.

2 nights ago we had a storm. It was dumping rain and there was thunder & lightning. The lightning was so bright it lit up the entire room, and we had one time where the walls of the apartment shake the thunder was so loud. It was nuts.

Elder Davis got a package from him for his year mark. (He's been out exactly a year now.) And he got silly string in his package, so he chased me around the apartment with it. He's a goof.

Sunday we had an area of 70 that came to church, along with President Hess, and the Stake Presidency. They all gave great talks during sacrament meeting, and it was great to have their input during ward counsel.

It's been a great week, it's good to hear from all of you, & I hope you all have a good week.


Elder Candland

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