Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 24

Before I talk about the week, Elder Davis just told me a story about when he was in 4th grade. He found a collared lizard in the bushes, so he kept it as a pet. Well one night he left it outside, and it frosted over. So he frantically took the lizard inside and tried to warm him up. He put him in the microwave. After only 2 seconds his tail came off, so he opened the microwave immediately and took him out. Then his dad told him to bury it. It was still breathing a little bit, so he buried everything except its head. His dad thought the whole thing was kinda funny, but his mom didn't because she had to clean the microwave. And guess what Elder Davis learned that day in school? Microwaves cook food from the inside out. His classmates teased him, and he cried for years about it. I wasn't sure if you'd think that's funny, I did.


So this week. Well this transfer everyone in our district is staying! We all work pretty well together, and I don't think anyone wants to leave.


The MMA fighter I told you about had a match the night before we met him. When I got a good look at his face, it was pretty beat up, and he had hyper-extended his elbow. Good thing for him he fights only every few months.

We have a new investigator. She told us to come back to her house later, so we did, & we taught her the restoration. She liked the whole lesson, and since we first talked to her she wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon. She told us she was getting goosebumps when talking with us, and talking about reading the book. She should be a great investigator.

We finally set up an appoint to visit the girl who has depression and called us back after we first talked to her. We're seeing her this Thu. We're excited for that lesson.

Another person we'll probably teach is a mom that does nails in her home. She's a potential investigator that we decided to go see if she was home. She was, & she was doing her sisters nails with an electric filer. It was a lot of nail dust over her work space. We had a good talk with her. She let us know she admires us & the work we do, and she wants to talk with us again. I was joking & asked if she would do my nails too. She told me I wouldn't be the first guy that asked her. :)

One other person we met invited us in, and asked us about why we believe in the Godhead. We shared Matthew 3:16-17; Jeremiah1:5 & Job38:4-8 to show that that there was a pre-earth life, to explain that we were all spirits before we were born, including Christ. In the end we didn't convince her, but I really wanted to show her the talk "The Only True God and Jesus Christ Whom He Hath Sent" by Jeffery R. Holland. He explains why we believe in the Godhead much better.

Our investigator that has been coming to church and playing basketball went to a stake basketball game, and of course our ward won.

One family here knows how to feed us! They always make tons of food. They made enchiladas, salad, two lemonade cream pies, and 7 gallons of fruit salad! (No exaggeration) They make sure we're happy.

Stake priesthood meeting was yesterday was last night, and the Elder's were told to go. It was good, it was pretty motivational. The stake president gave us principles to pray, read scriptures, love your wife & kids, be set & ready, and be goofy :) He also talked about track. It was great!

 I have a ton of pictures to send!

1. Me & My companion

2. The Saginaw Elders

3. Saginaw 1
I love you all, I hope everyone has a great week ahead.
-Elder Candland


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