Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 18

The snow's slowly melting away. I'm guessing it'll be gone by next month. Spring isn't really springing here. It's more slithering & slowly making it's way.

We had our 1/2 mission training Thu. They're always great. I got to see my old companions there which was great.

That guy that plays basketball came to church again this week, he got to hear someone speak about how she was taught by the missionaries and baptized with her family. She's leaving to go on a mission and she bore a great testimony. And the lessons we had for the rest of church felt like they were directed toward him. He even raised his hand several times during class and answered questions. It was a great Sunday for him to come. We even had lunch served in the church building afterward.

There was another person we met in the hood this week. We saw him shooting some hoops outside his house when we talked to him. He's only 15 and he told us how he had a past, but now he's completely changed his life. He told us he's working towards being a minister when he gets out of high school.

We met lady that invited us inside and talk to her and her mom. They aren't interested in learning from us, but they are happy to talk to us and give us something to eat. Before we left they gave us 2 loafs of apple cinnamon bread, 2 bags of skittles, & 4 packs of gummy bears! oh, and a McDonald's gift card! Old ladies are the best. The bread was really good to, it was made without yeast, just baking soda.

It's been a pretty average week. Not much more to report on.

Hope you guys enjoyed your week!

Elder Candland

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