Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 10

This week has been a good week for Elder Davis & I.

We picked up some sweet people to teach from the hood. And they all are prepared, and are willing to do the things we commit them to do.

One thing that's a big deal for me is that one of the people we found came to church! That's the first time that's happened to me! He's awesome, he loves playing basketball. He is planning to do church basketball. Even better :) That's already given him the opportunity to talk to some of the members about it & start building a relationship with them. He's very interested in the lessons & so far everything else there is to offer.

There's 2 other people we're teaching.

One of them has shown the most commitment than anyone else. She's already had 7 lessons with us, in the past 2 weeks, and has probably finished reading the Book of Mormon at this point. When we found her she was feeling a little lost, and wanted to have a good church to go to. She's just about ready to be baptized! The only problem is that she hasn't come to church yet, because she has some anxiety. She couldn't sleep one night because she was got a little too worked up about it. Fortunately we gave her a tour of the church, so at least she's familiar with the place. One of these days I'm sure we can help her come.

One other guy we taught has told us he has been pondering his purpose in life, and about religion. He's a pretty chill guy, easy to teach. So far we've only taught one lesson.

We also have 3 other people we found in that area who we could potentially teach.

Our Bishop is awesome! In ward council we were discussing the dinner calendar when he says "Now hold on, lets back up." Then boldly and lovingly told everyone that he had asked earlier about having people for the missionaries to teach. It was quiet until the conversation changed to the dinner calendar. He told everyone that they needed to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and ask their friends if they wanted to learn more about the church. Elder Rhodes told us afterward in his mind he was saying "Ohhhh!" All of us agree that he's an awesome Bishop.

So last week I talked about Ebonics. Well during our companionship study Elder Davis says "lets study chapter 7." Then read, "This  section describes principles to help you study and learn the language more effectively." Both of us started laughing. Then he turns to me and says, "Ask your companion to listen to your pronunciation and help you improve." :) Elder Davis is a funny guy.

Elder Marley is at his 5th week being out. I got to go on trade offs with him. From what I've seen he's a great missionary. He knew what his purpose as a missionary is before he left, and he's a hard worker.

I'm loving this place the longer I stay here. I doubt I'll leave any time soon, but I'm sure I'll miss it.

It's good hearing from you, I hope you have a great week.

Elder Candland

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