Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21

Tuesday it snowed. Not much, but it snowed. This has been a record winter here in Michigan. But the good news is it was hot enough Sunday for Elder Davis & I to break a sweat walking.

We've eaten so much this week.
We had another french toast eating contest, and Elder Marley won again. He ate 20 pieces of french toast. He was not proud of it. I was 7 short of his record, & I could not eat any more.
There one morning I actually felt like I was going to throw up I've had so much food this week. Fortunately for Elder Davis & I, we've been running every morning this week, so we're staying pretty active.

We were at Wendy's for lunch one day. We were in line ordering our food next to this old couple. Elder Davis orders a value burger & fri. And while Elder Davis was waiting for his burger, the old guy took one of his fries when no one was looking! Elder Davis sits down next to me with this look on his face & says, "That old guy totally just took one of my fries!"

That same day we were walking down the street and we pass this guy who has his hand stretched out and says, "Don't talk." We were thinking, dang it! we're gonna get mugged. Then he asks for a pamphlet, so I take a Plan of Salvation pamphlet out of my bag and was about to hand it to him, but I remembered that I had a slip from the post office in one of the pamphlets, so I'm thumbing through it to make sure it's not in that one, & he took it right out of my hand! The slip wasn't in that pamphlet so I'm good.

One of our potential investigators invited us over for Easter during lunch. She had some of her kids, and great gran kids over. I don't think she was really up to talking about the gospel. We tried showing the message on, we thought it would be great for Easter, but we only had a few people watch it. All they said was, "That was pretty well put together." Oh well. We did have a chance to talk to a lot of her family about missionary work, and to kinda just show that our church isn't all that weird. It was a nice experience.

Last night we were only able to talk to about 4 people while tracting, but out of those 4 we had 2 that wanted to talk to us more about the church.
The first guy we talked to said we could definitely come back and talk to him, and seemed excited about it too! He seems like a nice guy with a nice family, and we didn't have to talk to him long to convince him. It'll be cool talking to him later this week.
As we were walking back to our apartment this guy runs over to us and asks if we had time he could interview us. He's doing a project in school and he asks us questions about what our name is, and how old we are, and then he asks us how much a human is worth. Then he asks us if a human is worth another human. At first we weren't exactly sure how to answer that, but we pretty much said that God is not a respecter of persons. Come to find out he's a senior in high school. But he seems like a pretty nice guy, he gave us a ride back to the apartments in his Jeep. We'll be meeting with him Sunday.

It's been a exciting week. I hope you all enjoyed this Easter week.

Elder Candland

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