Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 7

We have a new family to teach. I met them on trade off's, when Elder Marley & I were door knocking. They're currently looking for a church to go to, so it was great timing for us. This past week we were able to meet with them twice & they've been enjoyed the first 2 lessons. It is new to them, so it'll take time before they fully embrace the gospel.
Unfortunately even though we invited plenty of people, no one came to General Conference. Besides that it was great. I would love to have General Conference to listen to while we're driving.

We went to one of our investigators that lives a ways out. They had all their friends over, we didn't have time to share anything with them, but before we left our investigator who we gave a book of Mormon to said "They need a book, they need a book, & they need a book." Elder Davis & I weren't sure what to say. We only get like 5 Book of Mormon's a month. I think we'll try getting people a book who will actually read it.

We finally had correlation with our new ward mission leader. He's great, it was a great correlation. He's a retired member and former Bishop. He has a great spirit about him.

Honestly not much else has happened this week. Sorry.

Everything's doing good, we're all doing good.
Hope You all have a great week.


Elder Candland

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