Tuesday, November 25, 2014

October 13

Elder Peterson & I have been praying that we'll find someone to teach. Yesterday, as we were fasting we found 2 great people to teach, one of them we pretty much already taught the restoration to. My testimony of prayer has been strengthened out here.

While we're knocking on doors, Elder Peterson & I see a cat going into a bush. What is that cat doing? I thought. Then we see a tiny mouse run out of the bush. The cat reaches over, grabs it, puts it in his mouth, & walks off. Both of us thought that was awesome.

That same day we approach a couple's yard. We start talking to the wife, & the husband tells us Keep on walking. Then the wife apologizes saying her husband is catholic, then tells her husband to be nice. He didn't listen & kept telling us to move on. "Don't listen to him." his wife said. Eventually she knew he wasn't going to change his mind, so all we could do is tell them to have a nice day & move on.

Tuesday on our trade offs, I accidentally locked the keys in the car. So we called the vehicle coordinator, and he told us he would be there as soon as he can. 45 minutes later, he unlocked the car for us, gave us a hug, and drove out somewhere else, I think he mentioned a couple other Elders in distress. But anyway, I guess you're probably not to surprised that happened to me.

We had Elder Hamula come to our stake conference this weekend.
I had the chance to shake his hand, which is always cool :) He talked about how we shouldn't criticize any of our leaders, but that we should head to what they tell us, because they are servants of the lord. When we criticize them, we talk about nothing new. We all make mistakes. And when we talk about their flaws, we show how flawed we are. He also talked about family history. How are we supposed to teach our ancestors in the spirit world, if we don't know who they are? I did take notes on it, but I can't remember much more than that. He seems like a great guy.

One thing I like about the Book of Mormon is how clearly it explains that we'll be judged according to our works. Some churches don't believe that. The scripture I found is Alma42: 13-15, 22-23. I love the language of this scripture, as well as the language of the rest of the book.

Hope you are doing well, have a great week!

Elder Candland

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