Tuesday, November 25, 2014

October 27

Elder Peterson & I got pumpkins from some members. So P-day, we sat out on our balcony & carved out jack-o-lanterns. (kinda) I'll send you pictures.

The ward isn't going to have a Halloween party, just trunk or treating. It's a lot easier to do for a small ward. But oh well. I'm sure there will be some families will come for that.

We went to a less actives home with some members. She was perfectly frank about how we'd love to see them at church. She commented on how much this guy knew about past missionaries, she said, "Wow, you're an answer to my prayers, you could be the new ward mission leader!"
Before we left we mentioned how bishop told us if they came to church that we would have a ward potluck before trunk or treating. He laughed at that, said he would try to be there.
They didn't come. Actually, we ended up seeing them again with another member. He gave him a lot of grief, it was pretty funny. As we left the member said, "See you at church sunday!"

There's an other members here who's such a funny guy. He's the guy that builds his own costumes for conventions. He told us the song, white & nerdy, is a song about him.
Anyway, he fed us this week. He made us these massive sausage spheres with a deviled egg in the middle. They were great! 

We watched the primary kids program during sacrament meeting. It was great as usual :) & we saw a lot of people come to see it.

We have a new less active we're visiting. She's a student at a community college, who grew up in Nevada. She seems pretty cool. She told us that she was going to some other churches nearby, but that she didn't like them, and her mom recommended she call us. She seems pretty excited to come to church.

That's my week. Other than that we did some service here and there.

Also just thought I'd let you know that Nov 18 we're seeing Elder Nash, By Faith All Things Are Fulfilled - Marcus B. Nash

Enjoy the trip in Paris! & Happy Halloween!

Elder Candland

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