Tuesday, November 25, 2014

October 20

I just read Alma 20 this morning. I love that story. That's now one of my favorite chapters. Ammon is such a Boss!

Elder Peterson did an interview for a couple getting baptized in the other Elder's area. I've met them once before. They are both going to be awesome members. Actually, they were baptized yesterday, so the are already awesome members.

The ward mentioned a service project at a trailer home park, helping people get ready for the winter. It was actually a project set up by another church. Elder Peterson & I where the only 2 members of our church there. I guess some members were worried it was going to rain. Though, pretty much all we did was staple sheets of plastic to the inside of the trailer windows.

We taught our investigator around college campus the plan of salvation, sorta. People our investigator knew kept passing by and saying hi, so we didn't end up finishing the lesson, but he's still doing great.

As I expected, neither of us got transferred. Both of us get at least another 6 weeks together.

Sorry, not much happened this week. There were a few evenings we talked to some family's for a while before we got back to the apartment, since it gets dark so early. But yeah, that's about it.

Looks like you had a busy week.
It's always good to here from you. I hope you have another great week!

Elder Candland

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