Tuesday, November 25, 2014

October 6

Hi everyone! This has been an exciting week for us, a lot has happened.

Tuesday we talked to a Jehovah's Witness. We had set up a return appointment with her, which gave her time do some research on us, which is always good. We started off with a good conversation, but it escalated quickly. It was probably the most intense bible bash I witnessed. I could tell Elder Peterson was getting upset. She told us how we believe in the trinity, after he explained the godhead, like 3 times. She also wasn't willing to read the book of Mormon, so we weren't getting anywhere. If there's anything I learned, it's that although it may seem the conversation is going somewhere, in the end a Bible bash does not help anyone.
Last week I mentioned how there was a family we helped put in insulation for. When that was done we put up some dry-wall on the ceiling, which is really hard. Us 2 Elders held the dry wall up, & stood on a couple latters, while guy we're helping screwed it into the rafters. We were a huge help. We're all really happy to see his dining room come together.
I had a trade off with the Zone leaders in Lansing. That Was fun. I got to see Brian Scott, my former investigator in Saginaw (AKA Michigan's #1 semi-pro MMA fighter). I guess Elder Davis helped him move into Lansing. I just happened to be on a trade off when they scheduled to see him. Pretty cool, we had a good lesson.
I liked Meet the Mormons. It's definitely going to help out with resolving some myths about the church. It's funny, emotional, & educational, there were a lot of good parts. There's at least one character that relates to everyone. I think a lot of non-members will like it.
I loved this general confereence. My favorite talks where given by Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Holland, & Elder Bednar. I think they're my favorite speakers. I'm definitely going to use the talk by David A. Bednar in my Missionary work. It explains so much about us.

Last night we saw a bee buzzing around in our apartment. Elder Peterson took an empty paper towel roll & nailed it. It hit the wall & fell to the ground. It was still moving, so we trapped it in a mason jar & froze it. Then we tied a thread around it. At that point we were expecting it to start moving around, but I think we killed it. So Elder Peterson taped him to some paper & framed him on the wall.

It's been a good week.
Love you all,
Elder Candland

1. some wood structure (I had a double take as we're passing by this person's house.)

2. Cadillac ATS factory

3. Lansing Courthouse

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