Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17

Well, it was a pretty slow week for us, but we had interviews with President Martins on Thursday and we both left feeling better and more confident. A lot of missionaries like to criticize President saying he's not a good president, but I've never had any bad experiences with him. He's corrected me several times, but I've never felt like it was without good reason. Anyway, he helped us to feel better about what we can accomplish in our areas, and how. I'm really hoping to stay (for lots of other reasons) so that I can really get some good work done in this area before I leave it. I would really like to leave it better than I found it.

Um, not much else happened here. I also don't have much I feel like writing since we'll be talking face to face in a week. The only real big thing was that there was a huge football game in Japan between São Paulo's big team, Corinthians, and Chelsea, from England. I'll explain more on Christmas, but I really, really don't like the fans of Corinthians. The vast majority are fanatics that all think they're better than everyone else because their team is playing so well these last 2 years. I think I explained last year that I chose Vasco as my team because they were the big team that was giving Corinthans a run for their money during that championship. I did it in spite of the ``Corinthianos," as theyre called. Anyway, Chelsea is a pretty good team too, and I was really hoping that they're win so that the Corinthianos would shut up. Too bad they lost, and we had what appeared to be another war on our streets. Lots of fireworks, motorcyles driving wild, people waving flags out their car windows and honking their horns, more fireworks, screaming, more fireworks, etc. It was the worste sacrament meeting I've ever had. Thanks a lot Chelsea.

I'll send some pictures and get back to those college questions.

Elder B. Rodrigues and I during a division.

When we helped out at the helping hands thing during the expo.

I was rooting for Chelsea. They also sell Guaraná here in bottles of 3.3 liters.

Elder Caetano and I at the Christmas party with Santa Claus.

-Elder Candland

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