Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3

We had a solid baptism here in Vila Sabrina finally. His name is Ricardo. He´s that guy I mentioned earlier who accepted everything we taught him. As he came out of the font, he pumped his fist really quick. It was a really good baptism. 

Since Thursday I´ve been sick too. I woke up feeling really week and with a bad headache. It only got worse until last night. Coming home I felt like throwing up because of how bad headache was. Today I´m already feeling better at least. I´m going to sleep during the afternoon to try and fight whatever it is that I have.

I´m just about done with the majority of the churches here. I feel like the stories about priestcraft in the Book of Mormon apply a lot more here in São Paulo. So many people will just start up a new church out of nowhere so that they can get rich. There are so many churches here that pretty much say exactly what Mormon prophesied in Mormon 8:32 - 

"Yea, it shall come in a day when there shall be churches built up that shall say: Come unto me, and for your money you shall be forgiven of your sins."

I´m not even kidding, the other night, we were walking in front of another church and the pastor was singing some song that goes like this: ``Give me money because He will touch your lives.´´ 
Elder Caetano and I just looked at one another in awe that there were people in the congregation clapping their hands to the rhythm and even singing along. 

We´ve started making a game with the contacts we make on th e street. If we pass by someone and we here them whisper ``Look, Mormons...´´ we turn back around and start up a conversation with them; ``Oh, you know the Elders already?´´ Usually they say yes, and don´t want anything, but they usually look really uncomfortable that we turned back around and started to teach them. We even have one for the girls on the street who call us beautiful. We go back and say ``Beautiful, huh? In that case you won´t have any problems paying attention to what we have to say about the Gospel of Jesus Christ...´´ If they try to change the topic we just go right to the point: ``Would you like to hear more or not?´´ If not, we just say tchau.

Today I´m going to buy everything for my christmas package and send it off asap. Oh, by the way, right now it´s noon here, so I´m going to save this as a draft and come back at night.

Well, that´s it. I´ll send the photos from last week that I didn´t send. I can´t send 10 photos per email anymore. This camera only fits 2 per email and I got frustrated and quit. Anyway, I´ll talk to you later.

These are what we call Salgados. I´ll bring home some recipes. They´re a big deal here.

One of my shoes finally died. The sole fell off as I was entering the house.

Heres the metro station we take to go to the temple. It looks just like something from Mirror`s Edge.

Here`s some graffiti for Lars.

Ricardo, our baptism this week.

Elder Caetano and I.

The girl who took this picture said smile, but right before she took the picture, we both changed without planning beforehand.

-Elder Candland

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