Monday, December 3, 2012

November 28

Finally, we have a baptism this Saturday. He´s definitely an elect; D&C 29:7. During church someone mentioned coffee, and he asked about it. The next day when we taught him, he said he had already thrown out all of his coffee. Then we taught him the law of chastity and he said he´d  tell his girlfriend that they can´t do anything else until they´re married. She didn´t want to know anything about another church, so he dumped her. Anything we teach him, he puts it in practice immediately, without hesitating. That´s the importance of a solid testimony in the Book of Mormon.

That was pretty cool that uncle John ran into President Martins´ daughter. Speaking of President Martins, he said in his email that he just needed my login for BYU so that he could give me the endorsement. I replied and marked it as urgent.

I have 3 o´clock my time reserved for Skype here in this area. We have a transfer on the 19th though. It´s possible that I´m transferred to another area one week before Christmas. I´m really hoping that I don´t get transferred.

That´s it I think. Next p-day is in just 5 days. I got some of the stuff for EWU done too.
-Elder Candland

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