Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 14

Friday we got to meet our new mission President. He told us he isn't here to replace President Hess. I miss him, but from meeting President Jacobsen seems like a good leader in this mission. Also he told us that the First presidency really wants us to use shoulder bags as soon as we can.There's not a lot of good places out here to shop for one of those, but I'll keep my eyes out.

After that we were fed an awesome meal that one of the senior couples made for us. We had sandwiches on home-made buns, with truffle brownies for desert.

On the way back one of the major roads was going under serious construction. It kinda screwed up some of our plans to see one of the less actives that week. The whole road was gone at one point. Here's a picture of one of the buses here in Cadillac.

We did a lot of service this week.
We help cut up a tree that had been taken down in a less active members yard. That was fun, in the process I ripped a pair of my shorts, so I bought a pair from TJ max with my home card. They're a nice, durable pair.

We also helped two families move into the area. One of them had a few hundred banana boxes full of stuff, and probably like another 50 bins full of more stuff. We fit everything into the trailer home. It was crazy.

This sunday I gave a talk on missionary work. I'm getting more comfortable talking in front of people. (Maybe because the congregation is small here :) I pretty much talked about how members have a responsibility to share the gospel too. The concluding speaker was a returned missionary (Not from the Cadillac Branch). He talked about how the work is hastening. It worked out well, he talked about pretty much everything I didn't talk about.

We're going to be playing Frisbee golf with a recent convert today. It's something we've been doing every Pday.

Sounds like you had a great week. I'll talk to you again later.

Elder Candlnad

1. Cadilac Bus

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