Thursday, July 17, 2014

June 9

Half mission p-day was this week. We had a blast. There was plenty of snacks & we played a lot of ultimate Frisbee. I got to meet familiar faces, & get to see President & Sister Hess one last time before they leave. I'm going to miss them so much. Also my trainer Elder Oler goes home this transfer.

One evening Elder Davis had an idea to get a card for our investigators daughter who just had a baby. So we bought a card, wrote a few things, and went over. While we were talking to them at her door a lady who was driving by pulled over to the curb, and walked up to us. She asked if we were from the church, then she asked if we save people. So we explained to her who we are & what we do. She told us where she lives & told us to come by.

When we got over there we talked to her on the doorstep, she told us that a lot of her family is going through some tough stuff, and that she was having struggles of her own. We briefly went over the plan of salvation & gave her a pamphlet, I got the impression she wasn't expecting us to be there long, but now that I think about it we probably could have gone over the plan of salvation with her. We gave her a blessing and invited her to church. She wanted to come but we didn't see here there, which isn't a shocker. But we could tell that she had been prepared, and that it wasn't just by chance that we crossed paths at that moment she came & talked to us.

This week we had dinner at a young couples home, and it went great. After I gave a blessing on the food the Bro. Austrigard said, "That's differnt, that's the first time someone's referred to us by the Austrigard's. That's cool." They're both awesome. They also did us another favor by stopping by, and introducing themselves to investigators of ours, who are another young couple. That went well, they got a chance to talk to them. So when we get the chance we'll talk to the Austigards more about that.

Other than that, not a whole lot happened. I taught gospel principles & bore my testimony sunday.

Well, it was good to hear from you, sounds like you all had a good/busy week.
And if you do get married Adam, remember to send me tons of pictures.

Alright, Talk to you next week.


Elder Candland

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