Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 7

I now have more time that I've been out on my mission, than I have time left. That feels pretty weird. I feel kinda like a Junior in High-school.

This past weekend was a great opportunity for us to talk to people. We talk to a few people here in Cadillac as we roamed around where people had tents set up.

On the 5th we went to Frankfort, and we got to talk to a lot more people there. Frankfort is a bit of a drive, because it's up by Lake Michigan, so we spent the whole day up there, talking to people on the streets & visiting less-active members.

Oh, yeah. We saw Lake Michigan, it was AWESOME! I send some pictures of that.

One of the members up there is an 80 year old retired man, he let us know who to visit, and drove us around the area. He's a great guy, he's our mission leader.

One of the other members was very generous & bought us dinner at a fancy restaurant. Their food was phenomenal! 

Best of all, that day we met a couple of sisters who were originally from Ukraine, they both speak Russian, one of them also spoke English. But as it turns out, when one of the sisters came to America it was to escape the civil war there, & she's also a member of the Church! It wasn't any coincidence that we went up and talked with them at that time. Pretty amazing. We're going to arrange a ride for them to come to church this coming Sunday. 

This week we got to teach a man who's been looking for the church. When we first told him about the book of Mormon on the doorstep he told us he was very interested. When we visited him this week he had already read through the restoration pamphlet & asked us for more to read! He really understood the lesson and accepted all of it. He is a Golden Investigator!

One other cool story. one of our investigators met with another investigator (who came up from Indianapolis) at a members home, who's friends with both of them. Now the 2 are dating! It's great, they say they want to get married & baptized together!

That's what's been going on here. It's been a awesome week, but don't expect it'll be the same next week.

Good to here everyone had a good 4th, I hope you all have another good week & get to enjoy the warm weather.

Elder Candland

One other thing. Elder Wheelwrite & I celibrated our 1 year mark with orange creamcicle cake. 

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