Thursday, July 17, 2014

June 16

Big news, I'm being transferred to Cadillac MI, bright & early tomorrow. That is the last area where Elder Davis served, so he told me a thing or two.
Elder Rhodes is being transferred too, he's going to Ithaca. So I told him a thing or two about the area.
I'm not sure if I'll ever love an area as much as I loved this one. Saginaw's great, I love the people here including the Missionaries.

So, here's a story about someone we visit; I'll call Penny. Penny has a cousin that just broke up with someone he was living with, so she helped her cousin pack up his stuff so he could move out. While Penny was packing and cleaning the place, her cousin was talking on the phone, & texting & not getting any work done. Then Penny says, "Will you do something? I don't have to be here, I'm just packing your stuff cuz I'm a nice person." That lead into an argument, and pretty soon she left his place. After she refused to help him anymore, Penny's cousin threw a welcome sign at her. Then Penny pushed her cousin off the porch, and then they started fighting. The cops happened to be driving by when they were fighting, and arrested Penny since there were more cuts & bruises on her cousin. So she spent 3 days in jail that weekend. It was the first time she went there, & she said she's never going back. They hardly fed anyone there, and it was overall a very unclean place. Fortunately her cousin dropped the charges, and her mother picked her up. We're just glad Penny learned her lesson.

We visited some less actives this week. One of the families is great. After we visited the Bishop came & picked us up. The mom was happy to see Bishop, she said "I miss you, I wish I got see you more often." Bishop quickly responded & with a smile he said, "Well, you can."

He was also with us in one of our lessons this week. It was one of the best lessons I've had. Bishop answered her questions of what happens when someones child  dies before they finish raising them, and he also shared a parable in a talk by Jeffery R. Holland (I have the link at the bottom) That answered one of her other questions. It was just a great lesson.

Wednesday we had a tornado warning. It was heading east from Saginaw. Nothing bad happened to us. It was just pouring down rain. We actually got a warning text on our phone telling everyone to seek shelter until 6:45. We got the text at 6:45 so we just kept working.

Last thing, Elder Davis has been waking up at 4:00 so he can go to the other Elders apartment & work out with Elder Rhodes at 4:30. When I get there I go into the Elders bedroom & sleep with Elder Marley (In Elder Rhodes' bed.) A couple times I made us all crepes when I got up.

It's been a good week for me, I'm looking forward to working with new people.

Hope you all had a good week too. TTYL


Elder Candland

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