Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 21

Nothin much happened this week.

The other set of Elders here got sick. One has Pneumonia and the other has bronchitis. Their week was spent in the apartment, napping & staring at the ceiling. Not fun, fortunately no one else got sick.

We got to go visit Frankfort this week again! we talked to people on the streets there. We met some high-school graduates out on the main road that has all the shops. One of them took a picture with us, then was started talking with them. They were nice, we had a good talk with them. The one kid we talked to the most told us he's pretty much living on the streets, so next time we're around we can talk.

We also knocked on some apartments up there too. We knocked on one apt. door & some lady said "Come in." So we said, "It's Missionaries from the church." She again said to come in, so we opened the door. The lady is lying on a couch while feeding her newborn. We both moved our eyes up at the ceiling and told her who we were. Then she sat up and adjusted her strap. While we were talking with her we noticed she had like 6 kids, who couldn't have been more than 4 years old running around her. It was just weird.

Speaking of unusual tracting experiences, yesterday we were about to walk towards a house, when some guy walked outside and asked us, "Do you guys drink beer?" We said "No." Then he gestured and said, "Keep moving then." He had a beer can in his hand, so that's probably why our conversation was short.
We did teach someone on the doorstep that evening, and got to set a return appointment, so that made our day better.

We visited an inactive member this week. He's in his 20's and is a member of a band. Despite the fact that he dresses like a punk, we have some good conversations with him. His house is what you'd expect from any rock loving hippy. The furniture he got off the streets, the walls were stained, his place was cluttered, and the sink is out of function. They are moving, so that's good for them.

I did take a few more pictures in Frankfort. The 3rd one you can see the lake stretch over the sail of that white boat. I thought it was a giant wave at first. It's pretty incredible.

Hope you're next week wont be so hectic. Sounds like your trip to DC was good though.

I keep you in my prayers, and it sounds like you're all doing well.


Elder Candland

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