Thursday, July 17, 2014

June 2

This week we've had some trouble on our bikes. On our trade off, Elder Rhodes rode one of our bikes, which already had a busted frame. Suddenly I hear him say "Ohh, no!" I turn around & see him with the back tire completely loose from the bike. We both started laughing, then we chained our bikes & got a member to pick them up. 

He was nice and gave us a loaner, which was a 25 year-old cruiser.

A day later that bike broke down too. It was on the way to a dinner appointment. It so happened at that moment that the member saw us tinkering with the bike & pulled over to the side of the road, and the other Elder's happened to be driving by & they pulled over too. The member loaded the bike into her car, & Elder Davis & I rode with the other Elder's in their car. That was pretty convenient to say the least. And the family we had dinner with let us borrow one of their bikes! We have an awesome ward here.

One more thing about my trade off with Elder Rhodes. That morning I put sunscreen on before we left the front door. While we were out it started sprinkling rain. 

Pretty soon Elder Rhodes & I were out in the middle of a rain storm. It was dumping rain & we're biking back to our apartment as fast as we can. We were both smiling & laughing, I thought it was sorta fun. By the time we got back we were thoroughly soaked. We poured water out of our shoes, & got inside & changed our clothes. (Well, I did. Elder Rhodes had to put his in the dryer.)

That night when I pulled my scriptures out they felt really heavy. It was as if there was a rock in the bottom of my scriptures. It was hard & inflexible. I realized they were partially soaked. The other Elders looked over & saw what happened & wanted to feel them. I'm still waiting for my scripture set to dry completely, I have it in rice right now.

Oh, on a side note, there was a lady on her front porch that wanted Elder Davis to call her when he got back home to Utah. I'm pretty sure she's like 35. She was pretty excited to get our number. Luckily we haven't heard from her since then.

Saturday we got to help a family move out of there house. That turned out well. And that night we got to help a member put up a fence in their back yard. It's A Lot Of Work! We moved fence portions, posts, and concrete bags. We dug holes, and nailed the fence to the posts. It's a lot more work than I thought, we were there for a while. It was almost done by the time we left. I enjoy doing service for others. I enjoy it more than when I was in young mens.

One last thing that I thought was a little funny. Today Elder Davis & I parked our bikes out in front of Kroger so we could do our shopping. By the time we were done we realized there no way we would bike back to the apartment with all of our groceries. I put as much food as I could in my backpack, with a can of pasta sauce in each side pocket, and I carried a bag in one hand & the toilet paper in the other. Elder Davis had to carry everything he bought. Fortunately our apartment wasn't too far from the store.

Sounds like everything's going well. Good to hear from everyone. Half mission P-day is this week I'll let you know more about that next week.
Love ya!

-Elder Candland

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