Thursday, July 17, 2014

June 30

First thing I'll mention is that our apartment is a little small, so the missionaries in the past have stored all the canned food in the bathroom closet. I was kinda scratching my head when I first saw it.

I'm getting to know my companion more. He's kinda socially awkward so I'm going to work with him on that. One thing we've planned on is practicing our door approaches during companion study. He's a good missionary, him & I are getting along. Elder Mitchel is 5''2, he's the shortest missionary in the mission.

We had trade offs this week, so I got to spend some time with Elder Wheelwright. Always good to catch up on how things have been since we last saw each other.

The area here is very spread out. The branch itself stretches about 100 miles length-wise. (you can see how broad it is on LDS maps.)
It took us 1-2 hours to get to our zone meeting. Good to see more Missionaries & more familiar faces.

One of the recent converts had us over for lunch. He's the only convert in his family, and was found by the missionaries. He's about my age & he's a really nice guy. He made us pretzel chicken sandwiches.

We're teaching a guy who just got out of high school. He's lived a poor lifestyle, and lately he's told us he's been thinking about if there is a God. We prayed over what streets to find on, and that one he lives on stood out to Elder Mitchell & I. At first he wasn't a bit interested in talking to us, but as we talked to him he opened up. It seems like some of the stuff I said caught his attention.
This week, when we were able to see him again we taught him the restoration. I can tell that he's opening up more to the idea that there is a God.

One afternoon I was hot & sweaty, then we heard thunder clouds, and it just started dumping outside. The weather here is so bi-polar!

We got to attend a baptism for an 8 year old. Elder Mitchell & I filled the font that morning. There was a big spider in there, so we killed it. Then we made the mistake of cranking the hot water valve all the way. Fortunately we got that taken care of before the baptism.

While we were out we saw this giant lake. It was awesome, we took some pictures of it.

I enjoy hearing from all of you, I hope you enjoy this next week, & I look forward to writing to you again.

Elder Candland

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