Monday, September 15, 2014

September 1

I had my 1st official zone conference with President Jacobsen Friday. Elder Kofoed gave his departing testimony, it was good testimony. (You can tell how nervous he is by how serious he is:)

Story Time:
After zone conference we parked our car next to a members home, and looked over the GPS to find where we should knock before dinner. We felt we should go finding at a certain block. This town is aways from Owosso so we aren't here often. As we were finding, I felt confident that there was someone here that is prepared. Across the street we saw a gathering, one person invited us to come over, they were having a Bible study in there home. This would be an opportunity to tell these people who we are, so we accepted his offer. Inside, I waited for a chance to speak, I told the person in charge that we couldn't stay long, but we were wondering if we could say a few words, and he was just fine with that. I started off by telling everyone how we love to see people gather and learn more of Christ. Then I told them we are missionaries from our church, and we share another testament of Jesus Christ. If they wanted to learn more, I told them they could take a card, and I left a stack on a desk next to me. After that I bore my testimony of Christ, and Elder Kofoed did the same.
The members we were going to have dinner with had a son in that Bible study; who hung with the wrong crowd, got into anti, and left the church. He asked us if he could commit us to something, then he got into a disagreement with Elder Kofoed about faith vs. works. With all these people here watching this, I tried to defuse the situation by explaining to him and others that got involved that we aren't there to change their views, or to have them see the way we do, but that we're there to invite them to learn more.

I felt good with the way things were left. Later Elder Kofoed told me that he was about to say something that would convince this guy, but he couldn't put it into words, he said, "Maybe the spirit was restraining me."

At dinner, we were talking with the member (we didn't tell him about what happened) and told us a story on his mission. His companion wasn't listening to the investigators concerns much and kept pressing baptism. He prayed that this would stop, and sure enough his prayer was answered when the investigator expressed his thoughts, which here the same as this members'.
On multiple occasions I would pray that things would go ok, while Elder Kofoed would try proving a point to some person we were talking to. Tonight I didn't pray while he was talking with this members son, but it seemed like my prayers I had in past experiences were answered.
We read an Ensign article with the members which talked about how prayers are answered in ways or in times we don't expect.
The End

Wow, that was long. Anyway, last week we re-shingled a couple roofs. And this week is the last week of the Transfer, which means Elder Kofoed is going home really soon.
President Jacobsen is starting a thing with missionaries, where he's letting them go through the Detroit temple before they go home. Hopefully that'll keep running by the time I'm done.

Also, we're having a Baptism this Saturday for an Investigator that has been taught for a while. He came to church the last 2 Sundays so he's eligible as long as he passes the interview. Which I'm sure he will.

Sounds like everything's going good. Hopefully the beginning of this school year goes good for everyone.

Elder Candland

I Got Pictures Today!

1. Mantis (we saw this before we came into the church today)

2. Little guy (this was outside our apartment one night)

3. Owosso co.
4. Elder Sinsel is a goof, the Elder I went on trade offs with. He drew this fantasy on an American Eagle bag.

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