Monday, September 29, 2014

September 22

If I wasn't before, I'm now officially in my early 20's! ...That's crazy

Sounds like the wedding was great. I'm ok with not going, I'm happy enough seeing the pictures.

Elder Peterson's older bro got married this week too. He married a girl named Makenzi. What a coincidence. His brother's name isn't Adam, but his middle name is Michel. We found that kinda funny.

Thanks for the Package! That was a great start to my day. That green tie looks great!

We went to a members home to shovel a truck load of wood chips into their backyard. We stayed there for 3 hours. We helped them out a lot. They would've taken at least twice as long without our help.

Wednesday we attended a funeral for a cat. We got to dig the hole for it.

Nothing really exciting really.

I've been running every morning while I still can. It's cooling off out here and I don't think Elder Peterson is going to stay very warm watching me do laps across the field.

I forgot to mention that Elder Peterson's the district leader here. He keeps asking me "Wanna switch places?" My response is usually "No, I'm ok, but thanks."
Also, He's served with Elder Palmer & Elder Raun (He's the one from the mtc that got us those squirrel suit pj's)

Hope everyone is doing well, I'll talk some more next week.

Elder Candland

BTW our address is 1155 N. Chipman Apt. 11. I think I sent you the wrong house # at first.

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