Monday, September 15, 2014

September 8

I'm with the zone leaders right now. I'm in Lansing. Since Elder Kofoed went to go to the temple that left me alone. So I'm in a library with a couple other Elder in the same boat.
Today we went to the Stake center & played some Bball with a lot of other missionaries. It was fun to talk to all of them.

The baptism went well. This guy really seems to have found a new home, and is glad to come into the church.

Friday was crazy. We had some hot weather all day, then in the evening we got hit with a storm! There was rain & lightning. The weather out east is so bipolar.
Also that night we found a frog in our apartment. He started climbing up the window. I think the storm drove him up, or something. We released him back into the wild (a bush outside our apartment).

Usually things slow down when someone gets transferred out, but it seems like things are picking up here.
Two of our recent converts are taking temple prep classes, & I know one of them has been a member for a year now.
One of our investigators recently got married, & has told us that he's not so busy now & his wife is showing interest.
Also the husband of a part member family told us last night, that he's ready for baptism.

It's pretty cool how things are now. I still have not met Elder Peterson (my new comp) but talking with a few more Elders I got a little more information about him.

This week we did roofing again, this time it was on a wobbly cover for a parking spot.

Funny story, Elder Kofoed & I go into a theater to use the bathroom. Elder Kofoed was listening to the people at the snack bar. They called their manager and asked if he had sent a health inspector in or something. She said a couple of professionally dressed men came in. Then the manager asked if they were wearing white shirts & ties. Then he told her it's just missionaries, nothing to worry about.

I'll talk to you next week & let you know how Elder Peterson is.

Elder Candland

P.S. Last night I found a Ninjorman outside my apartment window. So I got a quick picture of him before he vanished.

1. Friendly Visit

2. Baptism
3. Ninjorman

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