Monday, September 15, 2014

August 25

This week I finally got to have a chat with the new President. He's fun. While I was waiting to be interviewed I look out in the hall and see him tackle an Elder. It's I lot different from what I'm used to, but it's pretty amusing. We had a good talk. He asked me the basic questions of, how long I've been out, about my family, why I came out, & so on.

Unfortunately Interviews went longer than any of us anticipated. He interviewed 2 districts, & the district I'm in has to be the largest district I've been in ( 5 Elders, & 8 Sisters). This is also his first time, so it's no surprise.

I did get to see Elder Marley while I was there. He was so excited to see me, as soon as he saw I was there he jumped out of his seat and gave me a big hug. This is first time he's worked outside of Saginaw. We had a good long talk.

After that we had trade offs. We pretty much door knocked, & spent the rest of the evening at their new ward mission leaders home. He got set apart while we were there. During correlation I tried to make myself useful & pitch in every now & then, but there really wasn't much I could say about the area since I'm not serving there.

However I did make myself useful at a single sister's home. We mowed her lawn & trimmed the edges.

One night when we had dinner, the family showed us a video of their son who is 2 months into his mission in England. I guess in his mission he can send a video mail home each month. He seems like a good Elder with a good sense of humor.

Great news, someone we're teaching is ready for baptism & has accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 6th! He came to church yesterday, he just needs to come again next week! The lesson we had with him went so well. We had a member come, & he had some great input, & created a friendship with him. We're so excited for him, he's the best. He takes notes during our visits & remembers a lot of stuff we taught.

Next Sunday I'll be teaching gospel principles. I'm teaching tithing. I got an idea for a visual from another missionary that I want to use in this lesson. You give the person 10 pieces of candy & then ask "Since I've given you 10 pieces, is it alright if I have 1?" And when they give you one you dump the whole bag of candy on them & explain that that's like how tithing is. I haven't told anybody I'm doing this yet, I want to keep it secret. :)

One more thing, if you want missionaries to be super full after dinner feed them tons of watermelon.

Ok, that's probably enough. I'll talk to you next week. :)

Elder Candland

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