Monday, September 15, 2014

August 4

I'm liking Owosso, it's a bit bigger than Cadillac, which I like.

There was an Elder who just finished his two years in MI, and had his parents come pick him up. They drove around the places he served. I got to see him at our ward mission leaders home while we were there. Then we saw them again at another member's home that evening. I didn't know him very well, I just saw him at a few meetings, but it was cool to see him with his parents.

The Bishop here is a boss. He had one evening he took us to do some rounds visiting people. He did the same thing after church, and he also gave us a ride to a service project this Saturday. There's a reason why he's President Hess' favorite Bishop.

The service project was re-roofing a home that needed it bad. Elder Kofoed helped out on the roof while I helped clean up the debris that they threw down.

Our ward mission leader is also a great guy. Today he went around with us to do our shopping since we don't have a car today. He'll also be feeding us Lasagna tonight.

A couple days ago one of the members locked her keys in her car, so we helped her brake into her car with a wire hanger. (Elder Kofoed did most of the work, he must some experience :)

One of the family's I met asked me to draw them a picture of a car as soon as I told that I like drawing. They were impressed with my work so then they asked if I could draw them a compiled picture of a few of the family members with their grandmother who passed away. I'm still working on it. Right now I mostly just have the outlines, I've done a lot of erasing, I'd hate to make any mistakes.

I have not gone to the temple yet. I wont be able to go until someone I know gets baptized and goes to the Detroit temple.

I don't have any pictures of Owosso yet, so you'll just have to make do with some pictures of my last week in Cadillac.
There was a recent convert that we played disc golf with, so 2 of the pictures are from that.

I'm doing well, Elder Kofoed and I are getting along pretty well. The apartment is spacious compared to the one in Cadillac, so that's really nice. (Plus the members feed us more than once or twice a week.)

It's good to hear that you all had fun this past week, I hope you get to keep enjoying this last little bit of summer.
Elder Candland

New Address:
1115 North Chipman Street apt.#11
Owossow, Michigan 48867


Elder Mitchell

Bro. Baker

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