Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15

I got my new companion, Elder Peterson. He's pretty cool, pretty laid back. He's a transfer older than me, he's from South Jordan Utah, & he loves baseball & cars. (He has an aston martin shaped flash-drive that lights up)

It's been another usual week. It is getting colder though. I've heard that it's snowing in some state(s)! Crazy. They say we'll get some on the 27th. The winter this year is supposed to be even worse. (or better, depending on how you want to look at it) I guess if I'm going to experience the winters here I might as well go all out. (I'm going to need a more insulated coat & some gloves)

Right now it's only a little cold. Enough that I should wear a sweater, and sweats in the morning. That the day before it cooled off I was sweating. Weird.

Steve, the guy downstairs in our apartment, says he wants to start coming to are church. We like Steve, he's pretty cool.

We did a little demolition Thursday. That was fun. We got to destroy a 400 lb bed frame with hammers.

Not much happened this week.
Sorry I haven't told you about anything I want for my birthday. I kept forgetting to send something. Hopefully you had some ideas.

Love you!
-Elder Candland

1. Owosso

2. Alley opening

3. Walking into alley

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