Sunday, March 29, 2015

December 1

Transfer calls came in. I'm staying, and Elder Peterson's leaving. He's going to be a zone leader. He said "I would have never guessed I would be a zone leader, let alone a District leader." He was trippin'. Elder Wiscombe is my new companion. He's coming out of Itheca/Alma, so I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about.

Thanksgiving we went tracting, and visited a couple members. We had turkey, bread, stuffing, potatoes, & pie, the usual. That day we talked to a senior sister in the ward, she told us we made her day. She can get a little lonely, & it's great whenever she has company.

After Thanksgiving, we decided to put up the Christmas tree, we have down in our storage. As you can tell it looked like a twig before straitened out the branches. It was totally the Charlie Brown story.

We had lunch with our former bishop. Him & his wife are great. He shared some stories with us about when he served in France. Someone, who gave him a ride told him a story about why he doesn't like hitchikers. One hitchiker pulled a gun on him while they were in the car, asked him for a few things, and then asked for his wallet. He replied "One sec, I left it under my seat." He pulls out a hammer, knocks the guy out, and throws him out of the car. He showed bro. Brown that he was still carrying his hammer. Before we left, he said a prayer in French, which is always kinda neat to hear.

We got to talk with a member here in Owosso. He actually served his mission here, and Owosso was his last area. He originally lived in Washington, he says he never wanted to live in Michigan, but he kinda got stuck here for now. We had a good talk with him. He's only been off his mission for like 5 years now.

Saturday I stepped on a dead dear on the side of the road. Elder Peterson stepped on a dead squirrel that morning. The squirrels are all over.

We talked to Greg, our top investigator, Sunday. He wasn't at church, but he did say that he wants to come to church, he doesn't want to miss a 3rd Sunday in a row, he already missed 2 & that's too many. He's doing great.

Hope you had a good week.

Elder Candland

1. tree Before

2. tree After

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