Sunday, March 29, 2015

February 24

They closed down Traverse-City 2. The zone Leaders will still work there, but Elder Chidester & I both left. They closed down TC2 because there are more missionaries leaving the mission, than there are coming in. There isn't enough missionaries to cover all the areas. :) It's nothing Elder Chidester & I did.

I'm in Jackson right now. (Jackson-2) It has the state prison, it's pretty ghetto here apparently haha

My companion is Elder Aros (are-ose) He's a visa waiter for Australia, & has just got done being trained. He's originally from Guam, but lives in Tennessee.

Elder Chidester & I said goodbye to a few people. The family he's going to miss the most is the Millners. They were less-active when he got here, but since he's been around they made a complete U turn in their lives, & they're a lot happier. Elder Chidester was crying when we left. They're the main reason he was called to Traverse City.

I'm going to miss them too. I'm a little bummed about leaving, but I'm sure jackson's going to be great. We have mice infested in our apartment! :) I prayed that none would crawl on me while I was sleeping, so far so good.

Glad to hear your doing well. I keep you updated with Jackson.

Have a great week!

Elder Candland

p.s. your going to get another package from me. Some more stuff that I didn't have room to pack. Lars is welcome to that venom shirt, & Shaini's welcome to that sweater. And, whoever wants that bag.

1. Me with a Parrot

2. Millners

3. TC Branch President

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