Sunday, March 29, 2015

December 30

HJappy Christmas, Harry! I don't know why, but Elder Wiscombe & I have been saying that to each other, and one of us will respond by saying, "Happy Christmas Ron."

Our dinner appointment Christmas was fun. The family invited a lot of people over that aren't members of the church. We got to talk with them as we played cards with them.

We read Alma 36 with Greg, the first 1/2 of it anyway. And we told him to read the other 1/2 on his own time. He's still doing well.

The 1/2 mission Christmas party was fun. The assistants gave us excellent instruction on how to find better. I saw Elder Davis, Elder Hefner, & Elder Rhodes. It was pretty exciting.

I loved my gifts I got from Santa. He knows me well :)

One of the less actives here is a 19 year old dude. He's really cool. He let us in when it was just him and his girlfriend, which seemed a little weird, but I was fine with it. It actually turned out good, we watched a Mormon Message on his laptop.

Sorry 40 minutes isn't a lot of time to talk on the phone. But Mother's day is coming around the corner, & I'll get to talk more then.

Happy New Year!

Elder Candland

1. Elder Davis & I

2. 7/3/13 Missionaries

3. Christmas morning

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