Sunday, March 29, 2015

February 16

Fri we got to see Elder Nash. We left the apartment around 5:10, & got back at 9:00. It's a long drive.
He taught some cool things. My favorite was how to deal with Investigators getting anti.
Before you leave the first visit;
  1. Remind them of the spirit felt. 
  2. (there's a couple of scriptures you share about opposition, but I don't have my notes, sorry.) 
  3. Have them promise you, that they will let you in when you go back & answer their questions.

A member who is a chiropractor fixed my back Tues, that was nice.

Another member feed us gyros. He made them with marinated venison. They were good, but not as good as Dad's ;)

Sat we had a blizzard. It was -15° & howling, we could barely see more than 50 ft ahead of us sometimes. Pretty scary. That day we had permission to use the car, since the roads were too dangerous to walk on.

Church was canceled, due to the  weather, but it calmed down Sunday, it wasn't bad enough that we couldn't go anywhere.

So, that's my week. Today is going to be pretty average. We did go with some members to a comic book store earlier, that was fun.

I cant believe how close it's getting, I can almost start counting down the days. Hopefully they keep me here in T.C. I don't want to have to pack my stuff again.

Bye! Have a good week!

Elder Candland

p.s. A member here, his name is Mack Stirling, served his mission in Norway. Turns out he was companions with Jan Sjavik! (I think I spelled that right) He wants me to see if I could get his contact info. Also, he's told us that he knows nothing about computers, so address or phone would work best.

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