Sunday, March 29, 2015

December 23

We had our interviews this week. One thing I've noticed with with President Jacobsen is he's bold, kinda like Elder Holland, more so than President Hess. He's also very loving.
He gave me a lot of encouragement during the interview to be strong these last few months of the mission.

I gave Greg the T-shit. I also got his daughters each a shirt while I was thrift shopping. He was really excited about the Destiny T-shirt, and he also appreciated the shirts for his daughters. He's doing well, the only problem is that he does tattooing, so it'll be kinda hard to break the news to him.

On my Trade off with the zone leaders I drew this on their white board. (It's supposed to be both of the zone leaders)

We did some finding in a town way out of owosso, and spend most of our day there. We picked up a couple of potentials, who were's excited to go back & see.

Tuesday we helped the African american kids move out into their new home. We made really good friends with them. And the cool part is the Lansing Elders are going to see them now!

Sorry this Email's a little short, but you'll hear from me in a couple days.


Elder Candland

1. Owosso Christmas tree

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