Sunday, March 29, 2015

January 12

Don't have much time. This may be pretty short.

Getting Transferred  to Traverse City.

These part few days I was able to say goodbye to a lot of the owosso family's. I didn't realize my impact here until I left. It was sad to leave. If I was a sister missionary I probably would've been balling.

Traverse city is really nice, really clean, & well kept. Rumor is we have one of the nicest apartments. It's in a members basement. It's like a vertical duplex.

I don't have my journal or planner so I can't remember anything exciting that happened this past week.

I did leave the area with a new investigator. We had just shared the restoration with her. There's potential.

Hope you have a great week, I'll be back with more of traverse City.

Elder Candland

1. The Oberlins

2. The Rileys

3. Elder Wiscombe & I dressed up one night. Us two had some good times

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