Sunday, March 29, 2015

December 15

So you can probably tell from our picture, today we went thrift shopping. I finally found something to buy from the money you gave to me on my birthday :) I'll send a couple of other photos we took today.

I went on a trade off with an Elder, who should be going home soon. He's interesting. At our dinner appointment he asked one of the members if he has any interesting facts about his front teeth, just out of the blue. He was cool about it, but the wife asked why he would ask something like that. I'm glad my real companion is normal :)

A lady from the ward asked us if we could help her move furniture in her new apartment. One of the couches would not fit trough the door. We were in such a hurry that the other member we were with told us to just leave the coach in the hallway, and we would take care of it tomorrow morning. We unscrewed the legs it fit it through, just barely. It was a tight squeeze.

We got to attend the Christmas party at the church. We were disappointed to see that Greg wasn't there, but it was fun. We ended up talking a lot with the kids the Bishop is temporary taking care of. And we each got a foot long giant candy cane.

Elder Wiscombe took us back to Ithaca for a baptism for one of his investigators there.

It's been a pretty average week. Nothing too exciting going on.

Well, I should get going. Have a great week!

Elder Candland

p.s. Owosso has one claim to fame. They have the train the polar express was modeled after. We happened to have it pass by us while we were out.

1. Me in Owosso

2. Me again

3. The Polar Express

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