Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 17

It's warming up. It's crazy, there's hardly any snow on the ground

We had Interviews yesterday. President Jacobsen told one of the Elders about how he got his masters when he was 22, and was a lead coach for football not long after.

He told us about a good friend of his. His dad, who was a farmer, had kicked him out with a handful of cash, that he ended using to buy a large area of land. There were deposits of gas & oil on his property that a company discovered and paid him a fortune to go on his land & drill. He still farms, and has a happy family.

Yesterday while we were tracting we met a inactive member, who I didn't know existed, we're going to see him thu. He seemed pretty excited.

The church just put out a new Easter video, you should check it out if you haven't already.

It's been an average week, not much else to report on.

I'll just close with my testimony.

I love this church. I love it, because I know it's true. It answers big questions about how we should live our lives, and what our goal is. I have a testimony that true happiness is found by living this gospel. Because of it, I know I can live with my Father in Heaven again.

Have a good week!

Elder Candland

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