Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 9

Things are going well. I'm enjoying Jackson. It's warming up. It was in the 40's Saturday!

This morning I woke up early and went to the other Elders' apartment. Elder Zuniga and I went for a jog. We ran past the Jackson Cascades, but since it's cold they aren't running. We both enjoy running so it was fun. We have a good group of Elders here.

This week has not been too successful with visiting people, so we did a lot of knocking. We have a small list of people to see this week, so hopefully things go forward.

There have been rumors in the mission of a lady that feeds missionaries some not very hygienic food. We had dinner at her place, and before we entered I prayed that I would not find cat hair in my food. Apparently she has served a cake that has a layer of cat hair under the frosting. My prayer was answered, she had her daughter over and she prepared the food. I was very grateful.

We had stake conference this weekend. For the adult session they had a play put on by some members, demonstrating what a family council was. Some of the adults were cast as the kids. It was different from the usual meeting, but what they stressed was that family council is very important. It lasts beyond death.

Our Stake President spoke about the seed of faith in Alma 32. He said that we have many seeds in the garden of our life. The seeds can be Christ-like attributes, or commandments. Each seed should be nourished.

After Stake conference sunday, we had lunch at the members house who gave us a ride. While we were there he showed us his taxidermy collection, his pet fish, and his pet salamander. I held it for a sec, it lurched forward and tried to bite something. I guess when you hold him he expects food.

Well I don't have pictures, sorry. I'll get some next week.

Hope you all enjoy the warmer weather.

Elder Candland

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