Sunday, March 29, 2015

December 8

Got my new companion. We were in the mission office / institute building waiting for Elder Wiscombe to arrive. I got to see a lot of missionaries I've served with. Elder Mitchel & Elder Lewis are going home. Elder Davis is now district leader, and Elder Rhodes is the new A.P. It was fun catching up with all of them.

There was a verry inactive girl attending the college here in Owosso, who recently contacted us & told us she would like to come to church. Well, we hadn't seen her for a while so I called her. She told us she's planning to go to Grand-Rapids & would like to get a hold of the Bishop there. So, we gave her the Elder's # over there. She thanked us, & told us that our phone call was an answer to her prayer she had just a second ago. It was great to be part in that.

We've been praying for Greg. When we visited, he was going through a rough patch. I think this next week will be better for him though. I'm excited to see what he thinks about the shirt!

We've probably talked to about 100 people this week. At least 2 of them are interested. In the future I think we'll see the fruit of our labors.

We saw the Christmas devotional at Bishop's. He had company. They are all siblings from a black family. (also, they're not members.) They've had a rough life. Their foster parents kicked them out, & with no were else to go, the Bishop & his wife took them in for now. They'll get their new parents in a few weeks. They've had a great time with the bishop & his wife, & have even asked if they would adopt them. They would've, but they prayed, & felt it would be better for them to be out of Owosso. We'll see them again at church, & I think next pday we're playing ball with them.

Elder Wiscombe is a good elder. I like serving with him, he's also pretty goofy.

Have a good week!

Elder Candland

P.S. Missionaries in this mission have thing thing were we label Elder's, that like to work out a lot, as Chads.
This is a picture of Elder Wiscombe & I posing as Chads.

1. Being Chads

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